Our work

We are able to provide high-quality and unique items, at fair prices, and with fast delivery, as a result of our many years of experience.
A taste for Italian fashion

We help the design team in choosing the best and most exclusive yarns and fabrics, designs, and patterns, as well as help with product development, technical solutions and dynamic proposals, all in order to create the right product. Styles can be chosen from the ready collections of suppliers, be amended and personalized according to customers’ requests, or be created and developed based on designers’ ideas.
Fashion and Luxury accessories based in Florence

Order management

We closely follow development from the prototype to the finished product: fit approval samples, sampling, production, document assistance, till to quality check of goods, and shipment.

Client assistance

We accompany our customers on visits to various factories and as well as to the most important exhibitions

Sustainability and Social Compliance

We offer fashionable and trendy products while maintaining respect for our environment by using sustainable products and materials.

Fashion and Luxury accessories based in Florence

Fashion and Luxury accessories based in Florence